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 Meet Faith

Born as Twin ‘A’ at 23 weeks and five days, Faith was given a 4% chance to live past 24 hours. After six months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, heart surgery and infections, Faith finally came home.

One month after Faith’s first birthday, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy affecting just her legs. We were told she would not be able to walk for quite some time, if ever. Shortly after that, Faith was diagnosed with Auditory Dysynchrony, a hearing impairment not very well known at the time. Faith is also speech and developmentally delayed.

By the time Faith was 15 months old, she was coming to Grandview Children’s Centre for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy. Faith also had appointments with the Grandview audiologist for her hearing impairment. Grandview Children’s Centre has taught not only Faith, but me and my extended family how to cope and assist Faith in her everyday life to ensure it is as fulfilling as possible.

Grandview has some of the greatest therapists we have ever met. They are positive and so very helpful. They have guided us through some tough times and have made a huge impact on our lives. They are great listeners and are extremely well-educated in their respective fields.

Faith is now almost nine years old. With the assistance of her therapists and the Preschool Outreach Program, Faith has received some great items on loan such as walkers, tricycles and winter equipment so she can experience every season with her friends. Faith is able to enjoy everyday life and activities just like any other child.

Without the assistance of Grandview and the amazing staff, Faith would not be able to go tobogganing in the winter, ride a bike with her friends or go for a family walk. And equally important, without the help and support of the community, Grandview would struggle to be able to help our children walk and take their first steps (whether assisted or not), ride bikes, learn how to talk and say their first words, and enjoy every day as any and every child should be able to do.

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