Grandview Kids – BELIEVE



This year Sylvia’s Ride charity of choice will be once again Grandview Kids. Please read more to find out about their  BELIEVE Campaign:


About BELIEVE, the Campaign

To meet the increasing demand in Durham Region for programs and services for children and youth with communication, physical and developmental needs, Grandview Children’s Centre is building a new facility. Their existing facility was designed in 1983 to serve 400 children annually. Grandview’s demand now exceeds 10,000 children each year, with more than 3,000 of those children currently on a waitlist. This waitlist continues to grow as the area’s population grows, and as Grandview Kids is the only treatment centre of its kind in our region, a larger facility with expanded capacity is a matter of urgency.

Located on land donated by the Town of Ajax, the New Grandview Kids will be a spacious, innovatively designed and fully accessible facility that will allow them to offer more programs and services to more families, empowering more children and youth for life and inspiring them to achieve their full potential.

Grandview is seeking the support of the community to raise $20 million by 2020 in order to build the new facility and support these life-changing programs and services for the children who need them now and for future generations of Durham Region families.

Grandview Kids believe in themselves. They have been inspiring us for over six decades with their remarkable resilience and determination. We are asking that you believe in them. All children have dreams and all children should have the opportunity to realize their dreams. With your financial support, the New Grandview Kids will soon be making even more dreams come true.